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Julia asks father help to sleep #6

Julia met her father in the bathroom. She realised what happened last night and she wanted to continue. She made great blowjob to him and asked to stick his cock to her pus. He is afraid to take her virginity. They entered bath and father made incest sex with daughter hard into asshole. She said […]

Julie asked sex from father

Julie asked sex from father #5

Julia remembers her perfect day, and caresses herself. She passed the parent`s room and sees that they make sex. She becomes wet and wants to have sex too. Father slept and saw bad dream. When he went to toilet he saw his daughter naked and sleeping. Father made incest sex to her while she did […]

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Father realise his daughter not virgin

One day father comes home earlier than usually. He sees his daughter with 2 young boys fucking thressome. Jessie says it`a free country and she has right for free sex. Father says these boy made very good workflow and explains that he will show her real free sex and makes insect sex to her.

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Sex with trainer and secretary #2

Julia`s father lays on the sun. Julia comes and sees father erected. They make insect sex. Father goes to work and has great sex to his secretary. Julia goes to school. Her coach is injured directly to dig. All the girls asked Julia to lick it instead of ice. Trainer invited her to finish the […]